The Future of Journalism

May 1, 2012

When I was a freshman last year and I started pondering the idea of becoming a journalism major but my main concern was I thought journalism was a dying profession. Also I didn’t think I would be able to find a job or ever become successful if I chose to major in journalism. However, after taking several journalism classes I discovered I was wrong.

Before this class, I wasn’t aware of the wide variety of job opportunities journalism could entail. The Journalism classes that I had taken before the multimedia class were primarily about the newspaper industry and print writing. Although I found it all very interesting, I just knew it wasn’t for me. Also I was aware of the struggles newspapers were facing today in order to stay afloat. It was daunting for me to see small staffs struggle to distribute the large amount workload among them.

So when I discovered the multimedia class it was kind on a whim and could only hope for the best because I really wanted to refrain from the print or newspaper industry. So when I read the description for the multimedia class, I reflected back on myself and felt that I have always had a special niche with computers and navigating the web and believe it came relatively easy for me.  Especially when I compare myself to my parents who struggle with basic things such as turning on the TV or computer. Lastly, I have always enjoyed taking pictures, making sideshows, watching documentaries and even uploaded a YouTube video that showed edited clips of at the time my favorite tv show and was able to incorporate my favorite song in it.

So I guess it’s always been a special interest of mind and was always in the back of mind about creating multimedia packages but I never knew there was a class that taught you how to create an effective news package. Which is why I throughly enjoyed taking the multimedia class.

Now after having completed the multimedia course, I have a better perspective of where the future of Journalism is going. I  realize Journalism isn’t going anywhere, if anything it is more omnipresent than ever. More than ever, people are more active and interest with journalism today because of the capability of receiving journalism at the palm of a hand.

Also with the advances of technology, technology has created a variety of different ways people can receive news. Before the multimedia era, people received their information only through the radio, TV and newspaper. Now people can receive there news in a variety of different ways, they can receive it on their phone, through a podcast, stream videos, through photos or photo gallery and interactive maps.

With these news options on how people can choose the way they receive their information, this new technology has created new job opportunities for the journalism field.

In the article The Demise of Newspapers means better journalismit discusses the future of journalism is on the rise because of technology. The types of benefits technology has created is more opportunities for reporting, enhanced reporting (instant), and lastly, a better understanding for their audiences.

Now I realize how vital the internet and the Web has become for the future of journalism. I never considered that the internet or the Web has changed the ways newspapers operate today. In conclusion I realize journalism is indeed the right major for me.

In addition, I recently got sent an email about a possible internship opportunity that is asking for correspondent to conduct interviews with fellow students on health topics and a camera will be provided. This internship is precisely what I’ve been looking for because it’s exactly what I  want to do which is be a health and nutrition related journalist. Also I feel confident in filming, conducting interviews and editing videos to make things into an effective news package and it definitely wouldn’t have been possible  if I hadn’t taken the multimedia course.


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  1. stevejfox Says:

    Well-done, Melissa. See you in the Fall!

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