Introductory Page

February 2, 2012

Now I know many people would disagree with me and yes, I do think there are many benefits with the new advances of technology but I also believe it has brought a new collection of mayhem. I can’t count the times I have lost a document because my computer malfunctioned and unfortunately backing up the files on your computer is still a mystery.

For me, I like the verifiable proof of a tangible piece of paper in the palms of my hand. To me a document saved in a computer isn’t secure enough. I’m similar with CDs, I would rather buy a cd at a local store than on iTunes because yes, I have bought and downloaded music from iTunes and then lost the files because a ‘malfunction’ on my computer.

So where I am going with this? Well, it started the other day at lunch when my friends looked me square in the eye and confirmed, that among them that I am the worst.

It was no surprise when my friends told me this. I have always been bad with technology. I’m not talking about navigating my way through the internet, no it’s mostly that I am the worst with my technology devices. For instance I just recently got an iPhone and many of friends will say that I don’t deserve an iPhone. I agree because I don’t use my iPhone to its full advantage. For instance, I have very few APPs, and no Apps that are used for amusement. I rarely update my phone and APPs, partly because I’m lazy and I don’t get why I have to update everything after a month, it’s just unnecessary.

My friends will tell you, that I call them the most out of their friends. Mainly because I don’t like to type everything out through text and calling to me is just easier and quicker because you get a response right away.

Lastly, I don’t understand this twitter scene, I know it’s a huge news outlet for journalists. It’s hard enough for me to keep up with Facebook, always changing their settings and I don’t even want to involve myself with the new timeline because if I do a new Facebook format will have been created. Although I check my Facebook probably everyday but I can’t browse Facebook for more than twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, my eyes begin to hurt, my headache sets in and everything gets repetitive. For instance I can’t be that person that can browse the internet for hours upon hours on Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter or those amusing websites people find, and I know a lot of people are like that but it’s just not for me.

I mainly use my computer to write papers, check my email, blog and assignments. I’ll listen to pandora or watch TV/Netflix on my computer. If I do surf the net, it’s either looking at clothes that I know I’ll never get because I’m a struggling unemployed college student. Or I read articles from newspapers or articles like Women’s Health. If I’m assigned to read an article for homework, I will most likely print it out and read it. Mainly because looking at the computer screen hurts me visionally, and also if I print it out I can highlight and make comments.

In conclusion, I am the worst of the worse. Not because I don’t know how to use electronic devices to my advantage but because I don’t like to put much effort (laziness) and I am simply not interested (basis to the days of ink and paper).

Although I know journalism isn’t dying because there is always going to be a need for journalists. Unfortunately, its newspapers that are quickly deteriorating. Again my retro self aches inside with the thought of that because I know I’ll miss the days of being able to hold a newspaper, hearing the sound of the people wrestling with their pages, and as annoying as it was trying to find the continued article on the next page.

But just like Mark Briggs said in his book Journalism Next: A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing, I have to embrace this new world of technology and use it to my advantage to become a better journalist. I have the right equipment, I have access of information at the corners of my fingertips, now it’s time for me to learn. Which is why I’m looking forward to taking the Multimedia Journalism class with Steve Fox.


One Response to “Introductory Page”

  1. stevejfox Says:

    Melissa —

    Nice post but you have a few typos, go back and edit! Also, can you add some links in here as well?


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